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03 Mar '15

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Every year I run a project called Fantasy Publishing Venture at Bath Spa University, in which teams of students have to conceptualise, brand and pitch a new business idea for the publishing industry to a panel for potential investment, in … Read More

22 Jan '15

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If you don’t know about QI, you must have been stuck under something heavy for the last few years.

QI (or Quite Interesting) is a band of people who believe that everything should be interesting. They have a huge BBC … Read More

06 Oct '14

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Unbound is a new way to connect authors and readers. Authors present a pitch, you pledge, and when the goal is reached the book is written. It’s really that simple.

Unbound is both a funding platform and a publisher, fulfilling … Read More

21 Sep '14

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When I started out on my own I was no longer defined by the company I worked for. For three years I was Art Director for Canongate Books, a quarter Scottish and proud. Before that I was a Londoner working … Read More

21 Sep '14

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Parallel Studios

Parallel Studios is a graphic design and branding agency in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in branding, corporate identity, corporate brochure design, website design, wordpress cms websites, logos, rebranding and packaging design.

They also happen to be the kind folk who … Read More

21 Apr '14

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Are we there yet?

Stalwart client from my time in Edinburgh, Birlinn & Polygon, asked me to look at rising star Jake Wallis Simons. After some success working on some other books of his, a new fiction book called Jam was sent my way. … Read More

27 Mar '14

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12 Years A Time-Travelling Slave

Here’s a new backlist project I was asked to do by the lovely Yeti Lambregts, Senior Designer at Headline.

I’d never heard of Octavia E. Butler, but quickly realised why her most successful book, Kindred, is on the reading list … Read More

01 Feb '14

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Iain Banks’ final hardback

Sadly, but also proudly, I’m happy to share the last Iain Banks cover I’ll be designing, the paperback edition of The Quarry to be released on 27th March 2014 . 38 visuals over 6 months, and we ended up going … Read More

30 Nov '13

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Mecob NY

After a fantastic trip to New York in summer 2013, I’m chuffed to be working for clients regularly across the pond, most notably Little, Brown US and Simon & Schuster US. Here’s one of my first jobs for S&S…

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08 Jul '13

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The Bookseller Design Conference

On 8th July 2013, I was lucky enough to speak at The Bookseller Design Conference 2013. Speakers included Donna Payne (Faber), Stephanie Seegmuller (Pushkin Press), and Auriol Bishop (Hodder). Oh, and me.

Donna spoke about the furore around Faber’s recent … Read More