This was Mecob’s first ever YA cover brief.

A trilogy set around a group of supernatural individuals known as Revenants, we hear the story of Catherine, an orphan who has just moved from Brooklyn to Paris after her parents’ fatal car crash a year earlier. She’s an introvert and meets Vincent, a mysterious young man who she immediately falls for.

In the same vein as Twilight, these books are enchanting and it was a chance for us to do something new. We asked talented Scottish illustrator and “Ink Evangelist” Johanna Basford to illustrate a pattern around a set of figures, echoing the love between her and Vincent but also the Revenants’ supernatural form. Read one and it will all make sense!

Three books later we’re still proud of the work we did here, and now work regularly in Young Adult fiction thanks to Sian at Little, Brown UK.

Client: Little, Brown Book Group UK
Commissioned by Sian Wilson, Senior Designer
Illustration by Johanna Basford
Photos: various