Byte The Book is a professional network which helps its members make vital connections within the book industry, and with other allied industries, enabling them to become more literate in the business of books.

Mecob is a founder member of Byte, and we were given the honour of rebranding the organisation in 2018. Working closely with Founder Justine Solomons, we focussed on the idea of a social butterfly, made up of the initials ‘BtB’, using the existing corporate palette. Our logo appears across collateral on and offline, with a new website going live soon

Byte Behaviour is BtB’s sister organisation, leads corporate education programmes, with a focus on “digital transformation”, helping companies to transform the skills, leadership, organisation, culture and behaviour to help them thrive in a digital world.

With the idea of professional connection and education running through both of these organisations, we linked the two using the same typeface, which allowing them to sit apart. Byte Behaviour’s logo focusses on the space created when a connection is made, and community created by the many. Polygons were an intelligent step, the clean nature of which allows this logo toolkit to work well across print and digital alike.

Justine Solomons, Founder BytetheBook
Daniel Solomons, Founder, Byte Behaviour