We’ve been fortunate that our book work had led to new things. OK, they’re all bookish new things, but there you go.

Katie Roden, the lovely and fantastically talented Publishing Consultant and co-founder of, is a good friend of ours. One of the best projects she’s recommended us for was to brand the launch of Flight Press, the publishing arm of Spread the Word, London’s grass-roots literary charity who spend their time developing the talents of aspiring London writers.

The brief was set by Spread the Word’s Director, Sue Lawther. We were asked to create a logo that would reflect the core values of Flight Press – new, urban, quality writing done by Londoners, a ‘rebellious little brother’ to the Spread the Word logo. The logo was to appear on their first book, titled Edgeways – a selection of short stories by London writers including Toby Litt. The lead story, which was also the title of the book, was set in Camberwell where we used to live. Perfect.

The logo was simple. We started with the Spread the Word ‘seal’, a circular marque shaped like a wax seal using a subtle red and serif type. We set out to do the opposite. We used a jagged shape, distressed it and used a beautiful, clean sans serif typeface that echoed flight cases and stencilled military typefaces, set at an angle and placed like it was stamped on the books and other material on and offline.

The logo sailed through, and the cover followed shortly after. The lead story, Edgeways, features the loss of the lead character’s younger brother to a bus lane. Tarmac plus cross-divide says death, but in a graphic way that works at scale as well as on a B format Printed Paper Case when it comes to doing a printed edition down the line. The marque, as intended, is stamped on in a contrasting and brash colour, the little rebel…

Check out other branding work done for Spread the Word, in the form of the London Short Story Festival.

Client: Spread the Word, UK
Commissioned by Sue Lawther, Director
Cover photograph: