What a book, and what a brief.

In a nutshell, this book summarises the effect that the human race has had on the earth since we came to dominate it, in the context of the different ‘ages’ of the earth as defined by its strata – jurassic and the like.

Far from a stuffy science book, it makes the reader marvel at how accomplished we are and indeed that our effect on the planet, whilst perceived very negatively in the main, is actually the natural order of things. We are affecting our habitat in a major way, and its gives examples of how we’re doing that responsibly and magnificently. Read it, it will alter your perception of your place in the world.

The editor came up with the suggestion for the cover. How do you summarise something as big as ‘The Human Age’? The American cover used a monkey with an iPad. We aimed to do something with more stature and substance.

The NASA Black Marble project featured in the book, is a selection of photographs of the Earth from space. No image we know better encapsulates us and our presence on this planet, beautiful.

Client: Headline, UK
Commissioned by Yeti Lambregts, Senior Designer
Photo from Science Photo Library