In 2012, Icon Books, the north London Independent Alliance publisher, turned 20 years old.

To celebrate, they asked me to rethink their logo and apply it to their branding on and offline.

We chose a very simple mark, which echoes the letter ‘i’, a figure, an inverted exclamation mark and even masonic symbolism. He sits confident on a sans serif for the company name, accompanied by a blue, white and black colour palette.

The look had to work across platforms, from the book branding to the Twitter widget.

Four years and seven catalogues later, it’s still going strong. Here’s what the fantastic Andrew Furlow, Icon’s Sales and Marketing Director, had to say about Mecob’s work on the logo:

‘Among all of the excellent covers that Mark Ecob has completed for Icon, it’s been his redesign of our logo (and the creation of associated branding for our 20th anniversary) which has marked him out here as an absolutely first-class creative talent. His redesigned logo has breathed new life into how we’ve perceived by the trade and by readers throughout the world, as well as our own self-image. Not only were his ideas inspired but he presented them with a thorough knowledge of exactly how they might be used – on our website, on spines, on apps, on POS and display material. It’s this creative genius combined with an eminently practical working knowledge of the industry that makes Mark one the best designers I’ve ever worked with.’

What a nice bloke.

Client: Icon Books UK
Commissioned by Andrew Furlow, Sales & Marketing Director