Covers + Internals & Layout


That was our response. We’d heard of Minecraft, but having the time to sit and play with a game? Not since the 90s basically…

So in order to get back down with the kids again, we jumped at this. The simple, retro, pixel aesthetic of the Minecraft interface us amazing and visually very enticing, with great potential if you look at the successful of books such as the Egmont Official Minecraft Handbooks. There was one issue with this book though, it centred on making entire WORLDS, which aren’t good for simple, pixely close ups.

We looked at various solutions, cutaways and icons but had to reboot – this book wasn’t about pick axes and items in your Quick Slots, but about the huge, integrated worlds that came from the imaginations of the best Minecrafters on the planet, and the days and weeks the spent bringing them to life. We just made the best use of the real estate, and chose images that showed both detail and scale, letting the content speak for itself.

Thanks again to Michael at Quarto for another wonderful text design job.

Client: The Quarto Group/Mitchell Beazley
Commissioned by Michael Charles, Art Director
Photos courtesy of the authors