If ever there was a brief encompassing myriad weird and wonderful things, this was it.

Headline asked us to repackage the work of a writer relatively unknown in the UK, but whose work was on the reading curriculum in the US.

Octavia E. Butlers most successful novel is called Kindred, and is the story of a young black woman in the 1970s who is pulled back in time to 1700s Maryland, the home of pre-revolution slavery. Her later work encompasses dystopian futures, alien worlds and vampires, so these covers had to straddle quite a few markets. Also, Kindred was published in paperback and the backlist in eBook, so they had to be especially format-conscious.

This series was entered into the Academy of British Cover Design Awards 2015, thanks to Yeti! Lambregts.



Client: Headline, UK
Commissioned by Yeti Lambregts, Senior Designer
Photos: Shutterstock and Getty Images