Internals & Layout

If you don’t know about QI, you must have been stuck under something heavy for the last few years.

QI (or Quite Interesting) is a band of people who believe that everything should be interesting. They have a huge BBC comedy panel show hosted by Stephen Fry (quite frankly the most intelligent man alive today) and Alan Davies (the opposite, according to Stephen anyway), books, radio shows, theatre shows, podcasts, apps, anything that spreads their love of interesting stuff.

When Donna Payne, Art Director at Faber & Faber in London asked us to have a look at rebranding the QI books, we jumped at the chance. A year later we were very proud to present the QI backlist, launched January 2015, along with The Third QI Book of General Ignorance, the latest QI hardback published in October 2015. After the success of the new brand look, Faber also asked us to pitch for what was provisionally titled ‘The QI Bumper Book of Ignorance’. Alas it wasn’t to be published, but we had fun making Hitler hold some carrots (he was a vegetarian, you know).

The latest work we’ve done is for QI Facts series, launched in May 2016, which takes the covers away from the characteristic concentric circles, and into a strong typographic look working round the logo. Again, we had huge fun – who knew that the ancient Greeks played with yo-yos?

Huge thanks to Donna Payne (Art Director at Faber), Paddy Fox (Studio Manager at Faber), Julian Loose (Editor at Faber), John Mitchinson and John Lloyd (founders of QI).

Client: Faber & Faber
Commissioned by Donna Payne, Art Director
Photographs: © various including Getty, Shutterstock, Bridgeman & Wikipedia Commons