The CEO of Unbound spends a week in Cornwall building a wooden surfboard to try and work out how to evolve within his company.

The experience for Dan Kieran was visceral, the emotions and state of mind created from crafting his own surfboard flow out of this book.

For this book, we wanted to create something with that same sense of texture. Without the ability to create a boom out of solid wood, we did the next best thing. We worked with a couple of work-working and routing studios to produce this cover, printed on an unfinished stock to mirror the cedar used in the actual surfboard.

Experiments with hand-carving the text as well as machine-led processes, across five different types of wood over two months, we finally found a combination that did justice to the wood, the sentiment of the book, but also communicated clearly as a book cover.

Client: Unbound
Woodwork by Pro Carve