The Tyrant and the Squire


Terry Jones needs no introduction. We were lucky enough to package Evil Machines, a selection of crazy, technological short stories back in 2013, published by Unbound.

In 2017, they also asked us to look at The Tyrant and the Squire, the last in his medieval children’s fiction trilogy. Set in the Crusades, It follows the continuing adventures of Tom from Squire-ship to Knighthood, and the battles on and off the field.

We suggested the very talented Jonathan Burton to bring a wraparound image of Tom’s world to life showing a castle and elements from the story. The tone is a more tongue-in-cheek than most of the illustrated Children’s covers on the shelves, reflecting Terry’s humour. The authors name shines in a ¬†beautiful red foil, complimented inside by red endpapers.

We were very sad to hear that this could be his last book, following a diagnosis of Dementia in 2017.

Client: Unbound
Illustration: Jonathan Burton / Handsome Frank