Art Direction

Unbound are a crowd-funding Publisher based in London, who connect authors to readers in a new way. An author pitches a book to the Unbound followers, and they decide whether it should be published by pledging money for it. When it hits the crowd-funding target, it hits the shelves.

Have a look at their video that tells you all about it.

We heard about Unbound back in 2012 and got in touch immediately. They are at the cutting edge of modern publishing and have gone from strength to strength. Mecob prides itself on a varied client list, startups like Unbound sitting alongside the Penguins of the world make our practice representative of the Publishing industry as a whole.

Mark is now Associate Art Director for Unbound. We’ve implemented and run their cover design process and have the pleasure of not only designing some of the jewels on their list, but commissioning design internationally too. Here are some of the covers we’ve done so far:

Brenda Monk is Funny, designed by Anna Morrison
Constable Colgans Conectoscope, designed by Mecob, illustrated by Tom Gauld
The Elegant Art of Falling Apart, designed and illustrated by Mecob
Evil Machines, designed by Mecob, illustrated by Ben Newman
News From Gardenia and News from the Squares, designed by Mark Swan of Kidethic
The No.9 Bus to Utopia, designed by Matt Chase
Pompey, designed by Mecob
Salt & Old Vines, designed by Mecob, photos from Shutterstock
Conversations with Spirits, designed and illustrated by Mecob
Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay, designed by gray318
The Wake, designed by Mecob, illustrated by Alan Rogerson
Unbelievable, designed by Mecob, photograph by Hannah Gehrke
Version 13, designed by Dan Mogford, photos from Shutterstock

Client: Unbound
Conversations with Spirits photos kindly supplied by Simon Waller